This Takes Things to Another Level... 

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These things are WILD.
Link to speakers - www.mauip900.ld-systems.com/
This video is sponsored by Adam Hall Group.

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26 feb 2021



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 månader sedan
What's the first thing you'd listen to on these?
Dean Kumar DK
Dean Kumar DK 4 dagar sedan
well its probly gonna have to be moosewala ennit
that omnic mechanic
that omnic mechanic 8 dagar sedan
Valley of the pagans by gorillaz ft beck.
Esko Bruhh
Esko Bruhh Månad sedan
Thought someone was gonna drop a surprise album release performance for a second. Maybe next time ... . ... .... . ..
sicboi Månad sedan
Def Leppard - Love Bites or Pour Some Sugar on Me
Meletis Papaefstathiou
Carmina Burana - Fortuna Imperatrix mundi
Jasbir Singh
Jasbir Singh Timme sedan
Awesome sound @jasbir8180
Иван Вълков
Иван Вълков 3 dagar sedan
look at the buttons looks soo cheap ,the honeycomb grille too
Alphonse D
Alphonse D 3 dagar sedan
What is the first songs name please
Doctovert 4 dagar sedan
Try nucleya on those speakers . then you have to buy new speakers .
Alae-Eddine Dahane
Alae-Eddine Dahane 6 dagar sedan
that first beat was so hard, where can I find it?
Robin Dickerson
Robin Dickerson 9 dagar sedan
What song are you using to test them??
OwO 10 dagar sedan
The studio low key reminds me of batman's garage
Aesius Maximus
Aesius Maximus 11 dagar sedan
I kinda got the feeling the devialet ones were better.
NIK SD 12 dagar sedan
Frank Pirolo
Frank Pirolo 13 dagar sedan
I got to hear these at NAMM 2019. They blew my mind. Great sounding speakers, very loud for a column speaker. Too expensive for me though. I'll stick with my evolve 50's
Ryan Jelilyan
Ryan Jelilyan 14 dagar sedan
8:22 lmao
Artem Lokhovitskiy
Artem Lokhovitskiy 17 dagar sedan
Space Odyssey theme was THE perfect match for these speakers. Just the way they look kinda go along with monumental melody from the movie. I think it's due to mysterious black monoblocks from the movie come to my mind
Soufian Afkir
Soufian Afkir 17 dagar sedan
What the name of that beat???
Wheres Waldo
Wheres Waldo 18 dagar sedan
Be great for a small concert !
iSituation DAC
iSituation DAC 18 dagar sedan
The name of the song at the beginning 🤟🏻
Carlsteven Miralles
Carlsteven Miralles 19 dagar sedan
Airbeast Acm
Airbeast Acm 21 dag sedan
Dude has an absolutely awfull acoustic space full of glass or plastic in the ceiling and hard surface on the floor and walls and speaks about how a speaker sound....? Did you know sound travels at 340 km/hour right? and that it bounces at that speed all over your place, i can even hear the echo of your voice there when you shout. No matter what speaker youll put there it will sound bad buddy.
Patz Chan
Patz Chan 22 dagar sedan
*headbanging on that intro*
Jonathan Leonard
Jonathan Leonard 23 dagar sedan
even through a microphone you can tell these speakers put the power down
G 30
G 30 26 dagar sedan
After seeing the price I'll just stick with my sonos system 😅
TheDestruktr 27 dagar sedan
Bro I was waiting for you to start freestyling lmao honestly i bet youd spit some heat
Ben Miles
Ben Miles 28 dagar sedan
Unfortunately it's always pretty difficult to gauge the quality of speakers when watching a video as the microphone used is never able to accurately record the audio so this sounds tinny and the bass is muted, almost 'thunk' instead of boom. I'm watching at 1440p on my PC and 4k on my TV and it still doesn't provide an accurate representation unfortunately. But from Lewis' face I know how good they are.
farzin gholzom
farzin gholzom 29 dagar sedan
@unbox therapy what is the intro music.thanx.
farzin gholzom
farzin gholzom 29 dagar sedan
what is the intro music plz plz plz ????
Fred Hiller
Fred Hiller Månad sedan
Ryan Craig
Ryan Craig Månad sedan
Who else wanted him to rap on the track?
KilledYouLove Månad sedan
I thought It's wireless charging for the car
Panda 2 Furious
Panda 2 Furious Månad sedan
Permission to have that first song name
Kiệt Huỳnh
Kiệt Huỳnh Månad sedan
At first I thought it’s a teleporter
Tashfiq Mannan
Tashfiq Mannan Månad sedan
Play bassnectar’s voodoo (beats antique remix) next time you check out speakers
Maxime Lesaint
Maxime Lesaint Månad sedan
Anyone could find the intro song??? How it isn't anywhere else !
Sypher PK 2.o
Sypher PK 2.o Månad sedan
Can we all appreciate how much he has grown!:)
Adegoroye Fetuga
Adegoroye Fetuga Månad sedan
I really appreciate that imagine over the years Consistency!!!!!
Jack C
Jack C Månad sedan
When he realises they've been made before
Kaito1412 Månad sedan
2001 a Space odeysee such a Great Movie
Darko Månad sedan
he was rapping at 6:49
Snail Man
Snail Man Månad sedan
Personally i'd like to hear those in a professional recording studio with proper acoustic treatment, rather than a warehouse with no proper treatment.
PDB's studios
PDB's studios Månad sedan
Martin Bogdanov
Martin Bogdanov Månad sedan
Intro name pls ?
krazypyroboi05 Månad sedan
$4830.00 plus shipping for each unit :-O
Emmanuel Gangsta
Emmanuel Gangsta Månad sedan
Song name with the bass?
Richard Bekkers
Richard Bekkers Månad sedan
Ahmed Jathol
Ahmed Jathol Månad sedan
jorge montero
jorge montero Månad sedan
whats the song of teh video
Jaz Sambi
Jaz Sambi Månad sedan
Window shopper ,50 Tool 46&2 Skrillex sicko mode rmx Dead Prez hip hop Public enemy harder than you think Then when the wife and kids are gone Noisia
jootai Månad sedan
4000€ for one
MrMim0x17 Månad sedan
Actually enjoying the beauty of the first 4k video displayed on my new 1440p monitor
Axec Månad sedan
Pfff I could here the bass trough my phone
Yoni Lavitz
Yoni Lavitz Månad sedan
That's nice for only $6200 for one that's a nice deal. I'll stick to my JBL $250 dollar speak thanks.
Mr. Tornado
Mr. Tornado Månad sedan
wow thats a big ass warehouse.
hardik joshi
hardik joshi Månad sedan
6:35 Name of track anyone?
The Boring Show _
The Boring Show _ Månad sedan
Intro song?
Mr Bordym
Mr Bordym Månad sedan
Song he first used to test the speakers?
Octavio Carpes
Octavio Carpes Månad sedan
What happened to willy do?
Run Scrubs
Run Scrubs Månad sedan
What was the name of that second song again?
Aidil Syazwan
Aidil Syazwan Månad sedan
Hey anyone know the opening song ?
Sebastiano Emanuele
Sebastiano Emanuele Månad sedan
what's the music at the beginning?
Jack Ship
Jack Ship Månad sedan
for a moment there i thought it was a wireless charger for electric cars
S B Månad sedan
I get the feeling that lew didn’t pay for the Porsche
Suman Das
Suman Das Månad sedan
phon3junki3 Månad sedan
It look like the first snow ever made and a fireplace
Bodescu Andrei
Bodescu Andrei Månad sedan
for sure you are listening to usual mp3 files and not FLAC music.... you'll notice the difference 100%
Michael Cooney
Michael Cooney Månad sedan
this would be perfect to plug a Tyros or Genos Yamaha workstation into
Streetknoww Månad sedan
Does any one think like I do, that this is one unnecessary invention?
Moulik Mishra
Moulik Mishra Månad sedan
There is no ASMR for this.
Aidil Syazwan
Aidil Syazwan Månad sedan
what song on this oppening video
J R Månad sedan
O. M. G. The intro music killed it.... What's the name of the track?
Bilal K
Bilal K Månad sedan
have a feeling someones getting paid for all that "coincidental" Porsche product placement.
Kamalpreet Singh
Kamalpreet Singh Månad sedan
Intro music track please?
N B Månad sedan
Unboxing is boring these days. I like the old days more when it felt like a friend was sitting down talking bout his new toy. The production now is distracting and only interesting for a few secs
BJC LIVING Månad sedan
$7k in australia. for one. aggghhhhhh
OneEightSeven 187
OneEightSeven 187 Månad sedan
Why can't you post the intro sound honestly loads of people have requested it be a sport and upload it would be nice to the follower community 🤷🏽‍♂️😇🙏🏽
Lutz Soedibjo
Lutz Soedibjo Månad sedan
whats the name of that first song u tested god damn
Jay Månad sedan
Those make me think of a skyscraper
Jey Lee
Jey Lee Månad sedan
I remember a day when my 15 inch Cerwin Vegas were the loudest things in the hood. unsubbed, can no longer relate to the rich boy toy channel you've become.
꧁ঔৣVLN Spyderঔৣ꧂
So you're mad because he's isnt poor enough for you? 😂 WTF kind of logic is this fam legit wondering 🤣
Jey Lee
Jey Lee Månad sedan
Humble is no longer a word used on this channel.
Sound Offense
Sound Offense Månad sedan
how in the hell did this channel got into batmans cave for the dark knight lol
Hitch Månad sedan
Darude Sandstorm would sound awesome on this
Aidan Zamany
Aidan Zamany Månad sedan
Why does his "studio" look like the Batcave from the Dark Knight Trilogy. Is Alfred hiding down there? Is the suit hidden in a secret compartment? Why've you ditched the Batmobile for a Porsche?
Anando Pohtam
Anando Pohtam Månad sedan
Sounds like you're rapping man 😅😅
Haziel Gómez limon
Haziel Gómez limon Månad sedan
Hey what's the 1st song/beat they use
Delizzy Månad sedan
2:40 I feel you
Rizwan Ashraf
Rizwan Ashraf Månad sedan
They could have made it 360 sound what a shame.
Nathan Dunn
Nathan Dunn Månad sedan
Lew went from talking about the I pad 2 to living like Batman
modellbobby Månad sedan
With this kind of Music you dont need these hifi speakers
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas Månad sedan
I thought he bought lifts for the warehouse, then I remembered this is a tech channel
Peter Wu
Peter Wu Månad sedan
Peter Wu
Peter Wu Månad sedan
How huge is this studio?
Hunter Stout
Hunter Stout Månad sedan
I don't know... A large venue array looks pretty premium to me... Certainly costs more than these child play pieces.
It's Just A Comment
It's Just A Comment Månad sedan
Cheaper than expected, yet still too rich for my blood.
Kostas Maou
Kostas Maou Månad sedan
Can someone please tell me the name from the song At 9:33
Flint Dagor
Flint Dagor Månad sedan
i can feel the bass from here.
Dirge RJ
Dirge RJ Månad sedan
Dude always has the sickest beats playing in his vids!
Filipp Månad sedan
Class D amp? For Bluetooth is ok:))
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming Månad sedan
Whic is the intro sone?
Cole Smith
Cole Smith Månad sedan
jetski, lil mosey
MrJeeeZum Månad sedan
What's the opening sound track?
ozpomfromhell Månad sedan
So speakers with no actual deep bass (specs show a low of 42hz with no mention of whether that is a minus 3 or minus 6 dB point, so probably minus 6) and you play lossy files through them via b/t with both controls set to 3 o/clock. I hope they are cheap.
Khai Vo
Khai Vo Månad sedan
and i am listening to this with my 10$ speaker ...
Osamamei Månad sedan
Where can I get the sound track for the intro ? The sound track is dope.
STOP Buying this Tech Scam.