This New Smartphone is Like LIQUID Metal... 

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The Oppo Find X3 Pro is Oppo's latest flagship device. It feature a Snapdragon 888 chipset, 65w charging and a microscope camera. This unboxing experience features the media version of the Find X3 Pro. This video is sponsored by Oppo.

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20 mar 2021



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 månader sedan
You want one of these smartphones? 🚀
Reddyvari Sudhier babu
Reddyvari Sudhier babu 17 timmar sedan
sugar daddy Shane
sugar daddy Shane 9 dagar sedan
@Orieality VR joke
Keshav Borana
Keshav Borana Månad sedan
yes oppo journey from Oppo f1s to oppo find x3 like unbox therapy journey we all grow
Ronnie Fabrig
Ronnie Fabrig Månad sedan
Yes yes yes! Please :)
Nap ilo
Nap ilo 2 månader sedan
sid Dag sedan
I think it's nice device
YOR TUSHAR Dag sedan
I like design🤩
Mukeem khan Khan
Mukeem khan Khan 3 dagar sedan
Best phone
sahil jain
sahil jain 3 dagar sedan
Dude making video like he's showcasing some alien hi tech invention
Kaleem Khan
Kaleem Khan 4 dagar sedan
Best hai
Sajeer Najran
Sajeer Najran 5 dagar sedan
Super video 🤠
shadi hassan
shadi hassan 7 dagar sedan
Where to buy this phone?
Ghulam Rasool
Ghulam Rasool 9 dagar sedan
@ghulamrasool06 hope will win this!
Will Esco
Will Esco 11 dagar sedan
Come on 60HZ nope 120 all day!!!!
Benjamin Sedlinger
Benjamin Sedlinger 11 dagar sedan
Comment on your question does not work for me! Oooh yes, i would love the oppo find x3 pro. Thinking about since weeks but its just too expensive for me with more than 1000 euro. I love the unique design after years of mainly boring Smartphone design. Still wish HTC would build a HTC one m8 with today specs. It was ThE most beautiful design for me
Thorsten Czub
Thorsten Czub 12 dagar sedan
The phone looks good but has almost no tele zoom anymore. The find x2 had
Jason Bourne Bourne
Jason Bourne Bourne 11 dagar sedan
RRRN 13 dagar sedan
Oppo Find X3 Pro So amazing !
Bikal Limbu
Bikal Limbu 14 dagar sedan
You should change your name into batman unbox therapy
4 Entertain
4 Entertain 16 dagar sedan
microscope... that is waw
Miss kitty
Miss kitty 21 dag sedan
All i want is just to see the comments about this phone not about kissing ass for gift away
Eleandro Alexandre
Eleandro Alexandre 22 dagar sedan
I'm in love with this phone 😍
Small Fry
Small Fry 23 dagar sedan
Brooooo what! How am I just seeing this! 🤡 This thing is F'n Gorgeous !! Super sexy, and really cool idea to go to both ends of focal range
Eathen 23 dagar sedan
The iPhone 7 did the same thing tho....
661 Choppin
661 Choppin 24 dagar sedan
Bruh this device sounds crazy! Like crazy comparable to me being able to afford it rn 😂😴
Erin 25 dagar sedan
I feel like the X3 find pro is worth buying
Suman Das
Suman Das 26 dagar sedan
😍😍😍wow nice phone♥️♥️♥️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
roozbeh gh
roozbeh gh 28 dagar sedan
Stop making new phones!! they all have the same look and function , so many products without any need , I am worried for the future with this consuming madness
andro 16 dagar sedan
It's late for being concerned. We're too far gone
Chris Mcdermott
Chris Mcdermott 28 dagar sedan
Going to drop a comment about the phone.... As seen as there doesn't seem to be one.... It's an awesome phone
Minimalist Pro
Minimalist Pro 29 dagar sedan
Just receive it today
Rajat oraon
Rajat oraon Månad sedan
toby the great
toby the great Månad sedan
Apple: lets make the box smaller Oppo: we dont do that here
Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan Månad sedan
Combination of iPhone and Samsung
sai Rithish
sai Rithish Månad sedan
Please produce videos like these the quality was top notch and the way he talks about specs is really good keep it up lew please keep doing this
Dr.Strange Månad sedan
it u have a spare one, please give it to me i need a phone.
Willie Kirk
Willie Kirk Månad sedan
Can i get this phone in the US?
kyle g
kyle g Månad sedan
No liking the voice over.
ClipFaceGun Månad sedan
What colour is this phone?
PinN Månad sedan
iPod touch 4 gen
MS Månad sedan
The design is a massive turn on.
Skylytical YT
Skylytical YT Månad sedan
For those of y’all saying it’s a bootleg iPhone, yes, I mean the design is very similar, but the spec sheet is so different from the iPhone, and I’d argue it is better than the iphone
Md. Saifur Rahman
Md. Saifur Rahman Månad sedan
Haris Faydee
Haris Faydee Månad sedan
I want this one sir
Killersentra Månad sedan
Apple needs to buy this company out ASAP. Not sure how you can be happy with a iphone when the competition just brings out something cooler with 1/346526637 th less of a budget.
Bruh Buddy
Bruh Buddy Månad sedan
Last year : Oneplus 8 pro one billion colours This year: Oppo Find X 3 pro one billion colours Me: HOW IS THE OPPO FIRST
3:59 illuminati confirmed..Lol😂
sankalp verma
sankalp verma Månad sedan
Apple designers 👁👄👁
Jawad Ahmad
Jawad Ahmad Månad sedan
Jobaiar Munshi
Jobaiar Munshi Månad sedan
I see reviews of more expensive phones with cheaper phones. from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
Jstall7543 Månad sedan
עידן תמיר
עידן תמיר Månad sedan
Which device is more powerful the xiaomi mi 11 or the oppo find x3 pro?
Paul Berar
Paul Berar Månad sedan
A dirt and fingerprint magnet packed up in way to much useless paper.
Mizai Månad sedan
Looks like iphone
Ace Månad sedan
04:00 illuminati ...
alex rodriguez
alex rodriguez Månad sedan
why is he in the Batcave?
Jackie Dela Cruz
Jackie Dela Cruz Månad sedan
wow i love watching from philippines
John Gaming
John Gaming Månad sedan
Wish i have this kind of phone.
Andy Rozario
Andy Rozario Månad sedan
I think the baseball hat is boring... please try the NATO Beret offcrz ur choice of colours something different...
onelife media
onelife media Månad sedan
...and inside this box is another box
Otávio Månad sedan
CELL7Gaming Månad sedan
terry mallon
terry mallon Månad sedan
So pleased you reviewed this phone 📱 properly, you are an expert with watching.
Ben Mash
Ben Mash Månad sedan
Love the film 🦾 you don't shoot clips and videos no more. This is another level, voice over, montage. ❤️❤️💯💯🔥🔥
Bubloo 5
Bubloo 5 Månad sedan
3:59 i knew that you're going to focus on that bitch eye
Gamers walkthrough
Gamers walkthrough Månad sedan
Looks like inspiration from s21 ultra
Mr Sammotube
Mr Sammotube Månad sedan
I just switched my Mi 11 to 120Hz - I didn't use it before because I had no problem with 60, but now that I've tried 120, I cannot switch back!
GRANDPA GRK Månad sedan
The front camera sees more then console players with that fov
Pacific Seventy
Pacific Seventy Månad sedan
When you see your iPhone 12 Pro Max camera bump in mirror
Lloyd Padiernos
Lloyd Padiernos Månad sedan
I love the unboxing part. Like an agent, fuuuu-
Peter Weinrauch
Peter Weinrauch Månad sedan
I miss the : "WHOOOW look at that jack"
Aby Månad sedan
faysal bezza
faysal bezza Månad sedan
Just the name of it is capable of keeping me away !
beaney56 Månad sedan
I wish oppo did a super large screen, like 6.9 inch with the same or wider aspect ratio as the galaxy note 20 ultra. I would sooooo buy that. I like a tall and wide screen, screw the 20:9 aspect ratio. It sucks.
Clear Månad sedan
The presentation is like ASMR for the eyes.
Kashinath Roy
Kashinath Roy Månad sedan
My Twitter handle/id is: @KNRoy5335 Wish to win. 😇
i p
i p Månad sedan
Might as well hire a focus puller at this point 🙄
jashim uddin
jashim uddin 2 månader sedan
@jubayerfahim13 my twitter and would like to have one
Lorenzo Vel
Lorenzo Vel 2 månader sedan
Looks like better Oppo find x2 pro
Najeeb Muslim khan
Najeeb Muslim khan 2 månader sedan
Great video even Iam user of oppo find X 2 pro ,but findx 3 pro does not full fill the requirements,but after watching you I ll again for findx 3 pro as well ❤️
Le monde des parfums au Maroc
Kain Gaming
Kain Gaming 2 månader sedan
sheehs this feels like publicity
Rahul Jambukiya
Rahul Jambukiya 2 månader sedan
Nice Phone Twitter I'd :- @RahuL142821
josefu821 2 månader sedan
Paras Mani Kathuria
Paras Mani Kathuria 2 månader sedan
song name?
j8rr3tt 2 månader sedan
I haven't turned in for a long time. I've got to say, I'm not a fan of this new style of review. The vibe seems very...forced.
J&J Cares
J&J Cares 2 månader sedan
Yes Sir, Pls
Natalija Stojanovic
Natalija Stojanovic 2 månader sedan
Why no one talks about phone,you all stupied people talking about chanel..and video is about new mobile phone..wtf?!🤢🤮
William Kelly
William Kelly 2 månader sedan
Im still using original oppo findx, love it
Kieran Garner
Kieran Garner 2 månader sedan
Got it on preorder 🙊
RandomSiHT 2 månader sedan
Can send me that phone lew
liveShit 2 månader sedan
Man, that phone looks beautiful.
kevvad 2 månader sedan
Great presentation!! Perfect review. 🙌🏽😃
Priyantha Bandara
Priyantha Bandara 2 månader sedan
Jeoff Argales
Jeoff Argales 2 månader sedan
Why it kinda look like an iPhone tho lol
S O SAD 2 månader sedan
Ken Gormley
Ken Gormley 2 månader sedan
Oppo need to catch the wave on packaging that's ridiculously .......wonder what their sustainability policy is like 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Fatima Hannah
Fatima Hannah 2 månader sedan
I want one ..yes @FatimaAmine19
LOG RAGIB 2 månader sedan
Yes I want it
PUGP Gamer
PUGP Gamer 2 månader sedan
Nice phone
Varun Kumar Tiwari
Varun Kumar Tiwari 2 månader sedan
Batman Weapon room.
Gyro Guys Grill & Bar
Gyro Guys Grill & Bar 2 månader sedan
Loving the new video style. So relaxing that isn’t almost like therapy 😎
Hussein Mohamed
Hussein Mohamed 2 månader sedan
Oh wow this phone really looks ...ugly and average but unbox therapy trying to beautify things
Jake Collidge
Jake Collidge 2 månader sedan
Immensely better video format here. No crap just the phone.
Kaung Khant
Kaung Khant 2 månader sedan
That is iPhoney “get it?”
Yar Zehar
Yar Zehar 2 månader sedan
يارب. يعدني.
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