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Nothing like receiving a giant mystery box full of tech.
Giveaway details at the link below.
Sponsored by Anker. Office in a Box
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30 apr 2021



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Akshay Harikantra
Akshay Harikantra 2 dagar sedan
Twitter : @agaxtya
Ebenezer Langat
Ebenezer Langat 3 dagar sedan
Marc Askat
Marc Askat 3 dagar sedan
Why do you avoid calling with the earbuds ? they sucks ?
Gayasan Mg
Gayasan Mg 5 dagar sedan
YOUR FACTY BRO 5 dagar sedan
Hello mota
Somen Chandra
Somen Chandra 5 dagar sedan
A2 - {The Google}
A2 - {The Google} 10 dagar sedan
Anker is doing good work.. @jinjalaharesh8
17-566 Haroon Rasheed
17-566 Haroon Rasheed 10 dagar sedan
I need the office Twitter id:- @harooneyrasheed
Srk. Thakur
Srk. Thakur 13 dagar sedan
Done I need i phone 12 pro max gold (512gb)
kayy3rn 15 dagar sedan
Ravi.b. tech
Ravi.b. tech 15 dagar sedan
@ravibhusal08 on twitter
Morena Singo
Morena Singo 19 dagar sedan
Lew or literally anyone,mind telling me what the name of the song at 14:41 is?🥺🥺 Twitter:@JustOzzyAgain. Insta:@justozzythistime.
Mohd NurAizat
Mohd NurAizat 19 dagar sedan
Joshua's Stuff!
Joshua's Stuff! 20 dagar sedan
Anker also makes great dash cams!
Neneth Baccay
Neneth Baccay 20 dagar sedan
@NenetBaccay 😊🙏
Sanket Vedpathak
Sanket Vedpathak 20 dagar sedan
Gerardo Duarte Sepúlveda
Lew happy with a mexican music hit makes me happy 😎 Salud amigo 🇲🇽🤍🇨🇦
Dawid Ir
Dawid Ir 22 dagar sedan
Recently Anker provided me with a refund of half of the price of the product which turned out to be faulty.. It was quite a bitter sweet victory to me, but at least I still have half good and half bucks of the product. Painfull complaint process is what they said and proposed that solution - shipping, complaint verification etc. Now I know why they didn't want to send me working device after my complaint! They sent it to LEW!
Vaseem Shaikh
Vaseem Shaikh 22 dagar sedan
I wood lik to win this box and i like your videos here is my twitter hamdle-@VaseemS12531254
17-566 Haroon Rasheed
17-566 Haroon Rasheed 23 dagar sedan
Krishna Srivatsa
Krishna Srivatsa 23 dagar sedan
why you need all this just get imac m1 and a desk........
17-566 Haroon Rasheed
17-566 Haroon Rasheed 24 dagar sedan
The office @harooneyrasheed
17-566 Haroon Rasheed
17-566 Haroon Rasheed 24 dagar sedan
Need a office @harooneyrasheed
Ahmed S
Ahmed S 25 dagar sedan
Petition to MARK LEW as The CEU
Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer 25 dagar sedan
The room is similar to batsman secret place
17-566 Haroon Rasheed
17-566 Haroon Rasheed 25 dagar sedan
New desk Twitter id :- @harooneyrasheed
Mr Mobodies
Mr Mobodies 26 dagar sedan
Anker seems to make good thick cables and i never had one fail on me yet but I do look after them.
Raúl ignacio
Raúl ignacio 26 dagar sedan
I really whant to know the brand of that basic hoodie looks soo good ;3
17-566 Haroon Rasheed
17-566 Haroon Rasheed 26 dagar sedan
Office office Twitter id :- @harooneyrasheed
Ayyoub Meijer
Ayyoub Meijer 28 dagar sedan
I'm really surprised that Anker is so versatile
17-566 Haroon Rasheed
17-566 Haroon Rasheed 29 dagar sedan
17-566 Haroon Rasheed
Office in a box😎 @harooneyrasheed
17-566 Haroon Rasheed
twitter id:- @harooneyrasheed
DeadHead_YT Månad sedan
OMG thank you so much
Ryan Delaney
Ryan Delaney Månad sedan
It was almost ruined when Anker misspelled the word "Employee" on the contract lol
DeadHead_YT Månad sedan
Can I have one plz
DeadHead_YT Månad sedan
what do i do
DeadHead_YT Månad sedan
@sSüpër RÇ what does that mean
DeadHead_YT Månad sedan
@sSüpër RÇ OMG thank you so much
sSüpër RÇ
sSüpër RÇ Månad sedan
*congratulations' are among< our> shortlist winners* *+
17-566 Haroon Rasheed
Hans Raj
Hans Raj Månad sedan
I love the underwear. I want it. OFFICE in a Box. Twitter @DominatorShiva
17-566 Haroon Rasheed
Mohammed Harif
Mohammed Harif Månad sedan
Danilo Zé
Danilo Zé Månad sedan
So much paper, box, and plastic. What a waste
Ruben Renteria
Ruben Renteria Månad sedan
L listening to Gera Mx is a W for the mexican culture
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez Månad sedan
He listened to Gera Mx. Lol homeboy it's a sad song lol
Hunter Månad sedan
That would make a work from home come true for me😂. @Rkashyapati
Logan Risner
Logan Risner Månad sedan
I’m just here for the puppy. Lol
OBa Ngente
OBa Ngente Månad sedan
Disaster Månad sedan
this is one of the greatest unboxing i have watched from you! @WendyShyan030
KAMAL K V Månad sedan
I am in... All are cool tech..@kamalkv7
M Rijal Al Fariz
M Rijal Al Fariz Månad sedan
everytime I whatch the vids: "oh I never actually owned one of those"
Md Ashraf
Md Ashraf Månad sedan
Bhai ye delhi chandani chowk par 6000 ki bikati hai lena ho bata dena
Nani Tedlapu
Nani Tedlapu Månad sedan
Nice package- @Naneiy1
Imp G
Imp G Månad sedan
A musician 12U rack used for PC parts and electronics …
Hard Body Connection’s
Idk bout anybody else but I can watch that cradle all day it’s so soothing
George Catalin Boitas
Bad Beard
Bad Beard Månad sedan
a desk in a box
Anuj Agarwal
Anuj Agarwal Månad sedan
Twitter- agarwalanuj829
Todd Soden
Todd Soden Månad sedan
Lou.... you should have set up the ultima desk ON the included anchor desk!
Ajay Chamling
Ajay Chamling Månad sedan
@Ajay Rai31058627 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏
Nathan Throckmorton
Nathan Throckmorton Månad sedan
Can you show us your dogs?!😊
Mehul Sharma
Mehul Sharma Månad sedan
I want me to get this 🥲
AJIT CHAVAN Månad sedan
One of the best consumer gadget company in the world @ajitrchavan
Kumarson Shrestha
Kumarson Shrestha Månad sedan
Office in my room😂 Twitter:: @KumarsonShrest1
Muhammed Hazimkt
Muhammed Hazimkt Månad sedan
@MuhammedHazim4 is waiting for this a from homee.. 😍😍
Just a random person
Ravneet Chahal
Ravneet Chahal Månad sedan
Prakash Kotdiya
Prakash Kotdiya Månad sedan
@KotdiyaPrakash My tweeter id ☝️
Ajay Aravanan
Ajay Aravanan Månad sedan
PRANiL'S ART Månad sedan
Azim Hossain
Azim Hossain Månad sedan
wow, Twt and Inst id- azimflip
Sohaib M Ishteiwy
Sohaib M Ishteiwy Månad sedan
Alfred Mariano
Alfred Mariano Månad sedan
+1000 for Technology Variety Pack @AlfredRMariano
Tom Maina
Tom Maina Månad sedan
C'mon Lew, where's the love for Africa? Appreciate your contents😉😉
Rahul Pramanick
Rahul Pramanick Månad sedan
Sha Kik
Sha Kik Månad sedan
Aaron Ruth
Aaron Ruth Månad sedan
I'm obsessed with the case everything came in. It would be perfect for my photo gear for location shoots!!
Brandon Månad sedan
Song at 14:42 ?
sukhbirgill82 Månad sedan
APSR Månad sedan
WoRst Boy AK
WoRst Boy AK Månad sedan
Hii I want a bager
Pooja Jangid
Pooja Jangid Månad sedan
Twitter handle:- @PoojaJa39316050
Anurag Månad sedan
Deepesh Soni
Deepesh Soni Månad sedan
@Iamdeepeshsoni 🤗
my twitter handle:@VemuriMokshith
GasMaskGarry Månad sedan
I want that big ass box on wheels more than anything. If you asked me I can only have one thing I'd say "Gimme the box"
Richard Whitthorn
Richard Whitthorn Månad sedan
You didn’t use the desk 🤯 !!!! 😜
Sachin 17EC434
Sachin 17EC434 Månad sedan
2:50 lew was getting hypnotised? 😂😂
singam naga mohan reddy
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar Månad sedan
Christopher Depaz
Christopher Depaz Månad sedan
They're calling anything AI nowadays
Shorforaj Ahmed Bondhon
Nitesh Kasar
Nitesh Kasar Månad sedan
Михаил Илиев
Raneesh Månad sedan
Hope to Win🤞 @rkr1315
Athul Krishna
Athul Krishna Månad sedan
They should've also included a laptop
Sushanth Månad sedan
@Sushant63966815 man that's huge
Akshay Moge
Akshay Moge Månad sedan
@moge_akshay Great sir..
Jalaj Goyal
Jalaj Goyal Månad sedan
Manan Khandelwal
Manan Khandelwal Månad sedan
STOP Buying this Tech Scam.