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Realme just launched the new Realme 8 and Realme 8 Pro smartphones. These smartphones enter the value-for money conversation starting around $200. Sponsored by Realme.
*Giveaway details below*

We have two devices to give away to Unbox Therapy subscribers. Simply tweet using the hashtag (as many times as you like) for your chance to win. Good luck!

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26 mar 2021



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 månader sedan
You guys wanna win one of these? #RealmeUnbox
Thang Te
Thang Te 7 dagar sedan
Yeah, I need a new phone and a new subscriber here😌
Gezimtar Muhaj
Gezimtar Muhaj 2 månader sedan
Yes why not 🔥
flapunktr 2 månader sedan
ja bitte
KnoxPro Music
KnoxPro Music 2 månader sedan
oh please bless me
Daham Swagath
Daham Swagath 2 månader sedan
I wont please give me
EvilVortex 20 timmar sedan
Pinned by UNBOX THERAPY 13 timmar sedan
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•8•1•3•6•8•0•0•9•3•0• I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D•E•T•H D•O•G•E...!!!!
Chama Shinde
Chama Shinde Dag sedan
Twitter handle: @charmyramsis
zorgrica 2 dagar sedan
Apparently they Yellow one Glows
jrufin 2 dagar sedan
Hugo Dinis
Hugo Dinis 2 dagar sedan
Its like Realme smartphones have to be ugly in order to be cheap, kind of a bummer.
AZOPEX 4 dagar sedan
black color is the best visual it kills how good is
Atikur Rahman Moon
Atikur Rahman Moon 7 dagar sedan
Ghulam Rasool
Ghulam Rasool 9 dagar sedan
@ghulamrasool06 hope will win this!
janarthanan vcjk
janarthanan vcjk 10 dagar sedan
Bro where is the AOD customization feature in Realme 8 pro? Realme 8 pro doesn't have AOD customisation even though has Amoled and realme UI 2.0 out of the box!!
CyberRareX 10 dagar sedan
I used 2 days realme 8 it's a insane unique phone you don't need 1000$ phone this 200$ smartphone can do it all lol the display ohh plus insane battery and must go for the 8gb 128gb cyber silver Peace ✌️
Mahin Aboobaker
Mahin Aboobaker 12 dagar sedan
I like your videos you are doing really good work... well im decided to buy 8 pro..so what you say about the 108 mp cam is it good or average one.. ya just ok?
Lillian Fermin
Lillian Fermin 12 dagar sedan
The deadpan farmer ontogenically permit because norwegian likely improve until a annoying africa. angry, outrageous latex
Red Adaya
Red Adaya 14 dagar sedan
2021 and there's still a chin in all these Android phones 😂
Joby Sam Jacob
Joby Sam Jacob 17 dagar sedan
That dare to leap text on the back looks ugly AF!
Betty Swift
Betty Swift 18 dagar sedan
I just got the phone yesterday
2nd 20 dagar sedan
Still gonna stick with my 6 pro as it has the same chip, gonna wait till they release a more powerful one.
Youngdaggerdick 19 dagar sedan
@2nd alrightt thank youuuu
2nd 19 dagar sedan
@Youngdaggerdick had mine for more than I year now, not sure what u meant by lasting, battery or phone lifetime, the updates are active, not slowing down even if I always overclock it. Don't really have any issue atm it runs smooth for me even with multiple apps running. Gonna update this if inconvenience is present.
Youngdaggerdick 19 dagar sedan
Are realme phones long lasting? and is the service good? do they slow down or have problems after sometime of usage?
Maganda po bang pangML ito ?
R B 21 dag sedan
ayo wtf with flagship features and for only 200!???
Charles Alison Rivera
Charles Alison Rivera 23 dagar sedan
Redmi Note 10 Pro!
Carlo De Villa
Carlo De Villa 24 dagar sedan
Hope I can win
admin sucks
admin sucks 25 dagar sedan
I hate wireless headphone.
Beast OP
Beast OP 26 dagar sedan
Thirdy Candareシ
Thirdy Candareシ 28 dagar sedan
Why no poco f3's?
Rajas Raja
Rajas Raja Månad sedan
My sister turns 19 today🤗🤗🤗 iam gonna get these for her.....
MondaysaLunes Månad sedan
Its price will make you think twice. Going down, we can have Redmi Note 10 Pro.. and going up we can have a far more better perf. Poco F3.
Rajat oraon
Rajat oraon Månad sedan
CyberRareX Månad sedan
these are flagship level phone no doubt
The man that fall into the river in lego city
I love how he mock Apple by looking at the apple at 5:09
XZBIT MotoVlog
XZBIT MotoVlog Månad sedan
Venny Quister
Venny Quister Månad sedan
Harry Odilli
Harry Odilli Månad sedan
Realme 8 has a huge 5,000 mAh battery which pairs nicely with the MediaTek helio gaming chipset inside.
Samuel Oyem
Samuel Oyem Månad sedan
The AMOLED display and the Helio G95 are some of the highlights for this phone
allan manialung
allan manialung Månad sedan
I have a very old Vivo V5 lite, it would be awesome if id win. ,🤞🤞🤞
MikeyYT Månad sedan
How do we even win something? I’ve been subscribed since early 2013 and I’ve still never won anything LMAO I’m gonna cry, you’re swimming in million $ tech, just wish you sent it out to us, I wonder how you are able to see who is subsbed to you too
MikeyYT Månad sedan
How do we even win something? I’ve been subscribed since early 2013 and I’ve still never won anything LMAO I’m gonna cry, you’re swimming in million $ tech, just wish you sent it out to us, I wonder how you are able to see who is subscribed to you too.. 😗
MikeyYT Månad sedan
Great video once again, How do we even win something? I’ve been subscribed since early 2013 and I’ve still never won anything LMAO I’m gonna cry, you’re swimming in million $ tech, just wish you sent it out to us, I wonder how you are able to see who is subscribed to you too.. 😗
lakshay ahuja
lakshay ahuja Månad sedan
Yoooo!!! @Lakshay14465859
MS Hoque
MS Hoque Månad sedan
Tevin Watson
Tevin Watson Månad sedan
Alexther Selim
Alexther Selim Månad sedan
How I wish I can have that kind of phone, I only a phone keypad hehe
Arghya Mohanty
Arghya Mohanty Månad sedan
If you guys are totally wondering about why 5000 mah on a lower model..it is because the 50w dart charge requires two separate battery units which charge simultaneously and hence more volume inside the phone is wasted .
Marshmello Music
Marshmello Music Månad sedan
Ahh the Bat Cave
refraction. Månad sedan
Realme needs to start upgrading it's SoC aswell. Most developing countries would like a better performance than a better camera.
kalpana hazarika Gogoi
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith Månad sedan
The Realme 8 is far better I'd say and the Dimensity 700 makes it a worthy buy
Spartan 0
Spartan 0 Månad sedan
Redmo 11ultra
Yumi Casipong
Yumi Casipong Månad sedan
Help me pls. My mom buys me a phone. Realme 8? Or Realme 8 Pro?
Howard Padilla
Howard Padilla Månad sedan
those design is very stylish🔥 perfect color perfect for me @hwrdpdll
Mark Wright
Mark Wright Månad sedan
Very sweet...who knew
Ramadan Mahsuob
Ramadan Mahsuob Månad sedan
iam abig fan for u bro @RamadanMahswb
Akram Pasha
Akram Pasha Månad sedan
nice device! @AkramPasha07
Technical Learner
Technical Learner Månad sedan
nice device! @technical_08
Black list
Black list Månad sedan
nice device! @roxerop07
Minhaj Månad sedan
nice device! @minhajop07
Ghulam Rasool
Ghulam Rasool Månad sedan
nice device! @ghulam10032003
Ghulam Rasool
Ghulam Rasool Månad sedan
nice device! ghulam06011424
GoodGuyLuka Månad sedan
I have Realme 7pro and it's great phone for the money
Daily Giveaway
Daily Giveaway Månad sedan
Amazing Device Amazing looks amazing built quality Ksaifkhan @Ksaifkhan1
Go ishaan GO
Go ishaan GO Månad sedan
Seeing on real me 8 pro :)
levi Li
levi Li Månad sedan
you seem sad......
Tibor CH
Tibor CH Månad sedan
Damn, this yellow color.. love it.
mattTV HD
mattTV HD Månad sedan
Dustin 9999
Dustin 9999 Månad sedan
This new video setup is off i dont feel the unboxing the old one still the best
Danish__official Månad sedan
Realme rocks 🔥👍👍
aljinbrey's Tv
aljinbrey's Tv Månad sedan
I wish i have one🙏
Sudut Kamar
Sudut Kamar Månad sedan
Too much cut scene, made me headache.
john llegado
john llegado Månad sedan
I want realme 8 pro.. 😣❤
Winder Soares
Winder Soares Månad sedan
Hi, the model realme 8 has FM radio? Thanks.
Sylvester sampaga
Sylvester sampaga Månad sedan
Yes please.... I am you're subscriber since 2017 and my phone is broken.... Please...
Sr Singh
Sr Singh Månad sedan
please sir♥️
Sr Singh
Sr Singh Månad sedan
love to alll the videos♥️🥺 But plz check your insta DM
Yoongi Månad sedan
How much is this?
Thingangyun Snoopy
Thingangyun Snoopy Månad sedan
Why Can`t contain Realme Silicon cover at all of the box..
Hacobe Hacob
Hacobe Hacob Månad sedan
Nice phone 😊👍
imran hafiz
imran hafiz Månad sedan
I bought the realme 6 because of the video that you did
Creepy Anto
Creepy Anto Månad sedan
Can i play genshin impact on high graphics
P Månad sedan
I'm absolutely obsessed with this guy. No critical thinking, just videography
Oiled Up Phoenix
Oiled Up Phoenix Månad sedan
Looks good, but their stupid slogan at the back looks bad, yet since this has a SAMOLED display built in, it should have the custom AOD stuff, but it's "RAMless".
Ad Den
Ad Den Månad sedan
im a huge Realme fan, i hope this edition arrives in the Philipines soon! cool vid
Daniel Popovici
Daniel Popovici Månad sedan
Hey what happened to unbox therapy?
Kenneth Clyde Pineda
I wish i get a new phone, my phone is older than my brother😭
Shahmeer Abdullah
Shahmeer Abdullah Månad sedan
I wish I am one of the lucky persons
Oscar Canonigo
Oscar Canonigo Månad sedan
Give me one pls...
Devadarsh Månad sedan
Bro plzz sent me one phone it is a sub scriber request
JonGaming YTシ
JonGaming YTシ Månad sedan
Realme 9 Pro 732g Wtf
Its Kareem 011
Its Kareem 011 Månad sedan
Lv this..!! Device plz give me one😢
Khairil Aiman
Khairil Aiman Månad sedan
this video looks different and boring...i prefer when you takes your time explaining things infront of the camera.
Spaz Nabijohn
Spaz Nabijohn Månad sedan
# realme unbox Excellent review I dare to leap
Spaz Nabijohn
Spaz Nabijohn Månad sedan
Love your reviews I would really like to receive a phone from you
Dumb Gamer
Dumb Gamer Månad sedan
the camera is so dope!! 🔥🔥
Muhammad Mateen
Muhammad Mateen Månad sedan
I suppose this is Love of many lives
Ivatan Senju
Ivatan Senju Månad sedan
Chinonso Ifeanyi
Chinonso Ifeanyi Månad sedan
I've been subscribed bro, so how about that phone, for moi. Me in French
dwight tagorda
dwight tagorda Månad sedan
I want to win sir i have no phone my dream phone sir
franklyn de la torre
Hi, a fan here from the Philippines. Would love to win that phone.
Daichi Uchiha
Daichi Uchiha Månad sedan
Watching from a realme 6 pro
Danniel Pitogo
Danniel Pitogo Månad sedan
I will have this phone someday
Ali hassan
Ali hassan Månad sedan
No beard check? 😬
STOP Buying this Tech Scam.
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