Mercedes EQS is the Most Luxurious Electric Car and it's Not Even Close... 

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75% 76 000 25 000

The Mercedes EQS takes the electric car to another level.
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3 maj 2021



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Månad sedan
You thought this was luxurious...? Try this 😂 - selosk.info/class/video/aKyHp6SLwIplp4k.html
Mustafa Özdemir
Mustafa Özdemir 4 dagar sedan
Merhaba cok güzel bir mercedes. Ya. EQS. Yeni ve yepyeni. Teklonoji dolu. Bir üst yapıya sahip Bambaşka bir. Üstünlüğe sahip Harikasın. EQs. Süpersiniz
Donovan Tyler
Donovan Tyler 19 dagar sedan
@OwnItG 4F even easier type German taxi cab in Google.
Donovan Tyler
Donovan Tyler 19 dagar sedan
@OwnItG 4F I tell you what. The EQS comes out this summer which is very soon. You will first see them in chauffeur fleet then move to taxi fleets. Taxi fleets can't stay in business with Diesel and Gas for too much longer. Also the reason many use Mercedes is reliability. These damn things hit 300k-500k not saying a Prius can't or won't but they still have yet to take over the European market for taxi service.
Donovan Tyler
Donovan Tyler 19 dagar sedan
@OwnItG 4F and I think that was around, 2019
Donovan Tyler
Donovan Tyler 19 dagar sedan
@OwnItG 4F Mercedes if I'm not mistaken in Germany alone had 60% of the entire taxi market.
Epic PooVine Vlogs
Epic PooVine Vlogs 4 timmar sedan
Can someone donate this car to me 😅
Manav Patel
Manav Patel 17 timmar sedan
This is definitely a car for the future
Manav Patel
Manav Patel 17 timmar sedan
I want itttt!
Florin Moldoveanu
Florin Moldoveanu 21 timme sedan
Ok after this car I'm never going to look at the s class the same way again. It's like Mercedes thought for a seconds and said, "make it so luxurious you'd feel like a peasant if you even touch your car's doors".
hemant mishra
hemant mishra Dag sedan
Where is the airbag? What will happen to this big display if airbag comes out?🤣🤣 how many safety star did it got? Tesla is offering simple but useful things that it forces me to compare
Lil View
Lil View Dag sedan
It looks like a corolla
Marko Mladenovic
Doug DeMuro: “So you have chosen death?”
The acceleration sound of this car is from another world! What a shame that he wasn’t able to show that.
Sahnoor Ahmed
Sahnoor Ahmed Dag sedan
Oooo yeaaahhh
Oranje Deur
Oranje Deur Dag sedan
Why is nobody talking about where the rest of his trousers are
M CA 2 dagar sedan
Why are electric cars exterior is always designed so badly ?
Florin Arnautu
Florin Arnautu 2 dagar sedan
No Mercedes fan here, I love tesla, but you can't argue that ,Mercedes makes the most luxurious and fea,ture full cars out there, not even hypercars have that level of functions on them , that is not a car, that is heaven on wheels. I woldn't mind getting a "taxi" like that to an important event like my wedding or a big public conference .
Arshad Sayed
Arshad Sayed 2 dagar sedan
this is my fav now
yakodmani 2 dagar sedan
You do know the tesla model x already does the automatic door thing right?
Ben Blakemore
Ben Blakemore 3 dagar sedan
And thats what automotive history means... i see your Plaid and raise you? MERCEDESBENZ 😊😊😊😊
Raymund Corriveau
Raymund Corriveau 3 dagar sedan
The cloudy border definitely heat because food biophysically sneeze worth a wrathful light. faithful, polite patient
Pavel Filimonov
Pavel Filimonov 3 dagar sedan
Someone tell Mercedes RGB is not in anymore. This thing is ugly and a parody of a high tech car. Fingerprints everywhere and reflections all over the place. GOOD JOB MC!
animation using flipaclip PRACTICE
100k for this car I think is cheap with all features it have I remember in the 90s cars have nothing cost more
Aphrodite Ethereal
Aphrodite Ethereal 3 dagar sedan
Overwhelming, very nice car but the big iPad like screen is kinda meh. The outside and inside design very nice.
Nuff Said
Nuff Said 3 dagar sedan
You'll probably forget half of what it does and just use want you need.
belal vai
belal vai 3 dagar sedan
Samir Harris
Samir Harris 3 dagar sedan
Very beautiful review. Wish to see more futuristic cars on your show.
ripon bilha
ripon bilha 3 dagar sedan
so was
SwagGod 22
SwagGod 22 3 dagar sedan
Reel deal space ship
monny habbib
monny habbib 3 dagar sedan
momim nokla
momim nokla 3 dagar sedan
so nice
Erik Huisman
Erik Huisman 3 dagar sedan
Sweatpants tucked into white socks eh?
alom mia
alom mia 4 dagar sedan
so super car
frariya urme
frariya urme 4 dagar sedan
so nice
Thomas Folse
Thomas Folse 4 dagar sedan
Apparently I’m scum because I have to open my doors using a door handle 😂
shijan zia
shijan zia 4 dagar sedan
very nice
kalm dwn
kalm dwn 4 dagar sedan
12 month warranty on the electronics
bed and breakfast fan
bed and breakfast fan 5 dagar sedan
Really sad this car looks so boring externally. Features are incredible but they played it too safe with the external design.
B. Saulius
B. Saulius 6 dagar sedan
i dont need that much screens at all, useles distraction, and btw analog speedometer is way better visible and not so invasive at night too then dimmed, just what a hell is this christmas tree inside.... wow efect ? for kids...
B. Saulius
B. Saulius 6 dagar sedan
lol looks like front borowed from honda
WIR ERKLAEREN 6 dagar sedan
not a car for minimalists.
DrAhmedAlothmaN 6 dagar sedan
A dislike cz ur review is biased. U didn't mention any drawback like how slow screen response to touch or the fact the tablet is a Samsung 2014 old version. With you, everything is bright and amazing which is not totally the case. Despite all of what I've said, this car is amazing and should push other companies to do there max.
Aliance Star lord
Aliance Star lord 6 dagar sedan
Even a Cadillac is luxurious forget it! lol
steveipod1 6 dagar sedan
yum and i have tesla model x
Pigmalion Trading
Pigmalion Trading 6 dagar sedan
Best part of the video. those white socks.
Gother 7 dagar sedan
this is super nice like every part of it is so amazing, except gotta say Im quite dissapoiinted with the front. It reminds me too much of the modern Honda Civic grille + headlight assembly
AtlasZero13 7 dagar sedan
Mercedes , the best or nothing
James Marsh
James Marsh 7 dagar sedan
Wow....beautiful car. Only downside besides the price is learning all of the tech. Definitely would take a few days or more to understand all of the options.
Optical Outlet Best Price
Lookalike Prius to me but inside is amazing!
Navil Talukdar
Navil Talukdar 7 dagar sedan
Lew regretting buying his Porsche
Jose Aleman
Jose Aleman 8 dagar sedan
Where do you buy your hoodies?
Savas Kuskaya
Savas Kuskaya 8 dagar sedan
mukemmel bır sey
wosuf vai
wosuf vai 8 dagar sedan
super car
Eurostar 07
Eurostar 07 8 dagar sedan
Insurance for this car alone might be like 1000 or 2000 per month LOL
nokia coling
nokia coling 8 dagar sedan
facon akter
facon akter 8 dagar sedan
very nice
jerbi usha
jerbi usha 8 dagar sedan
nice nice
wassim kettab
wassim kettab 8 dagar sedan
whats the cost ( dw am poor am just curious )
Dhiraj Bandi 18JE0209
Dhiraj Bandi 18JE0209 8 dagar sedan
ok the design is going backwards in time 2010 honda no cap
Nuri Marak
Nuri Marak 9 dagar sedan
The gaming is now real
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 9 dagar sedan
Why would you buy a benz when you can get all the same features in a Hyundai for less money.
R B 9 dagar sedan
Looks like my lil sister Toyota Corolla 🤣
Andrei Sorin
Andrei Sorin 9 dagar sedan
Hope they will put a PS in it
CHRIS BURNS 9 dagar sedan
But did you unbox it though........
alo farbi
alo farbi 9 dagar sedan
wow fine
aloez baki
aloez baki 9 dagar sedan
so very nice
Peter Rocc
Peter Rocc 9 dagar sedan
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rani ohidul
rani ohidul 9 dagar sedan
nice car
Beardman_22 9 dagar sedan
the front looks like a prius hahaha
Ghalib Saddat
Ghalib Saddat 9 dagar sedan
When is this car coming out?
LoneWolf_RO 9 dagar sedan
over 120.000$ for one? yeah no ty
gerrett mcqueen
gerrett mcqueen 9 dagar sedan
Not a big fan of the exterior, but the interior is very attractive. It will be interesting to see how much reliability and maintenance a tech focused vehicle such as this will have over time.
Greg Sullivan
Greg Sullivan 10 dagar sedan
For chauffeurs, ABSOLUTELY the cargo space is paramount - I applaud Mercedes for.....copying Tesla's lift-back idea. 😀
Aesso Sayed
Aesso Sayed 10 dagar sedan
The video is too long and boring 😴
Leonard Martin
Leonard Martin 10 dagar sedan
Ok, I’ll buy it tomorrow
iAmPaulObelley 10 dagar sedan
I love this video
VELOCITY sebasYT 10 dagar sedan
One bad thing about the car is when someone parks right next to you, and you want to open your door it’s gonna open the door all the way causing the door to maybe h the other car sitting next to you, so when you open the door, it opens all the way we’re u could probably hit the car that is parking right next to you. But the car is amazing
VELOCITY sebasYT 9 dagar sedan
VELOCITY sebasYT 9 dagar sedan
@Not On My Watch oh shoot I didn’t watch the whole video but dam that’s a cool car the
Not On My Watch
Not On My Watch 9 dagar sedan
It has sensors to avoid that...
VELOCITY sebasYT 10 dagar sedan
Ray Parker
Ray Parker 10 dagar sedan
12:00 personal note
Martin Troy
Martin Troy 10 dagar sedan
The imminent difference ethnically squeak because blanket nouzilly clear on a lazy pea. melodic, flowery cow
mokless vai
mokless vai 10 dagar sedan
so nice
SHAHIDUL MIA 10 dagar sedan
like nice
Lagranarob -
Lagranarob - 10 dagar sedan
Price:100000 after rebates...
Resa Nosora
Resa Nosora 10 dagar sedan
Sigh I would never can afford this.
Olivia Hills
Olivia Hills 11 dagar sedan
Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment now is the best time to invest and make money 💯
Not On My Watch
Not On My Watch 9 dagar sedan
Crypto currency is play money, nothing more...
Lusala Anenih
Lusala Anenih 11 dagar sedan
I wanted to trade crypto but got confused by the fluctuations in price
jenna sydney
jenna sydney 11 dagar sedan
Buy gold and crypto
jenna sydney
jenna sydney 11 dagar sedan
Crypto is the future 🚀
Grace Martines
Grace Martines 11 dagar sedan
Investing in crypto currency is one of the best chance of making money 💸
Crystal Willie
Crystal Willie 11 dagar sedan
The nine promotion alternatively suggest because ex-wife pathogenetically lighten apropos a productive lan. awesome, simplistic otter
Gromit Mug
Gromit Mug 11 dagar sedan
RGB at its finest
kooljees 11 dagar sedan
Only thing missing is a kitchenette and a loo ;)
kooljees 11 dagar sedan
Does it come along with a body sterilizing device?!!!
Adi Slav
Adi Slav 11 dagar sedan
Damn I'm old, when i can't get out of my head the fact that now it's fashion to have the ankles naked/white socks.
Kris Parks
Kris Parks 11 dagar sedan
Nice interior but ugly on the outside. The outside of it kinda bothers me lol. When you gotta head tilt on a car on the outside appearance that means the outside is not appealing. I have a 2021 CLS and this car doesnt come close to how beautiful it is. The inside and it being all electric is great but that is nothing if the outside of the car doesnt compliment the inside of the car
Udai Noguchi
Udai Noguchi 11 dagar sedan
BENONI Palade 11 dagar sedan
The best or nothing
Acroniox 11 dagar sedan
The germans are crazy with cars idk this is insane!
Eddy Boh
Eddy Boh 12 dagar sedan
It has Tesla's old electric motor but not even close to Tesla's latest battery and electric motor tech. They added lights to make it look presentable but aside from that is a plane car with a few tricks but old Tesla tech. Mercedes along with Toyota(Lexus) want to be Tesla clients for Tesla is too advanced.
Eddy Boh
Eddy Boh 5 dagar sedan
@Drilon Djemailji Not a fan boy but a realist. Mercedes and Toyota are now Tesla clients. Tesla is expanding into utilizing both car companies as a way for Tesla to build cheaper cars utilizing Tesla’s tech for the average consumer
Drilon Djemailji
Drilon Djemailji 5 dagar sedan
Oh no a tesla/Elon musk fanboy
Eddy Boh
Eddy Boh 6 dagar sedan
@Flashed Your old cellphone has more technology imbedded in it than this mercedes eqs. They are trying to present old tech with flashing colors..lol
Flashed 6 dagar sedan
Watched the plaid delivery event? Pretty disappointing. It even costs more than this. Idk about you my dude but this is the future for me
begcoins 12 dagar sedan
Make sure you review the Cadillac Lyriq when it comes out. Talk about Tron 2022.
The Abraham HD
The Abraham HD 12 dagar sedan
Why did they choose to make it ugly on the outside? All their other cars lately are so nice looking, this one looks like a Honda type sedan minus the rims lol...
Andrew Turk
Andrew Turk 12 dagar sedan
I don't think that there is any other legitimate way to earn money nowadays rather than investing
Julian Carter
Julian Carter 12 dagar sedan
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James McCarthy
James McCarthy 12 dagar sedan
He deserves more accolades, just the same way I was going through comments and i saw this. I gave a try and bet something I never regretted
Oliver Wyatt
Oliver Wyatt 12 dagar sedan
I have lost so much due to ignorance and lack of experience until I saw a lots of praises giving to a trader Albert Mathew’s so I reached out to him, without any doubts due to confidence people had in him in different recommendation, i have been on the Win side
Andrew Turk
Andrew Turk 12 dagar sedan
@Wang Fang You can never have a loss with on him trading, Albert’s daily signal is the best have ever used and i would also assure anyone seeing this to give it a try
Wang Fang
Wang Fang 12 dagar sedan
I stopped caring and panicking about bitcoin price ever since i started using Albert’s trading signals, it gives me gain daily even with the downtrend, he is the best
Lewis Williamsjr
Lewis Williamsjr 12 dagar sedan
Wil my wheelchair fit in there
Lewis Williamsjr
Lewis Williamsjr 12 dagar sedan
My wheel chair will not fit in it will it
MOHAMMED NUSKIE 12 dagar sedan
Mercedes-benz Eqs is a stunning car 🚗😍
wardope 12 dagar sedan
We need pet control to step up the game and catch those freaking unicorns, so they won't run around and throw up everywhere. first in people's PCs now CARS! Please No more rainbow Vomit! It's freaking everywhere!
johns isac
johns isac 12 dagar sedan
Can you change the temp... without a sibling knowing it ?
TheOfficialSiNN 12 dagar sedan
Interior is great exterior is wtf. Not a good looking car at all the design is like busted Honda Civic
ar kot
ar kot 13 dagar sedan
Too late for the party.
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