Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 Unboxing... 

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The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel is the latest contender in the race for gaming smartphone supremacy. It features the SnapDragon 888, a 144Hz Display and Active Cooling. This video is sponsored by Lenovo. www.lenovo.com/gb/en/phones/l...

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8 apr 2021



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 månader sedan
What's the best mobile game to play on this phone?
The Under Ground Channel Ground
How is the phone doing SElosk videos and live streaming SElosk videos and how's the phone on a regular using as a regular phone cell phone
Los Vlogs de Yeril
Los Vlogs de Yeril 18 dagar sedan
Modification Dharan
Modification Dharan 22 dagar sedan
Call of duty mobile
Kratos GOD OF WAR 22 dagar sedan
@Dude Cheat3rr do u get 90fps on it ?
Makan 24 dagar sedan
genshin impact and honkai impact 3rd
AnhDuy Trinh
AnhDuy Trinh 2 timmar sedan
Try playing genshin impact🙏♥️
darkki Dag sedan
Bruh for mobile gamers facing someone with this phone is like a console gamer facing a PC gamer .. it's basically unfair , Jesus that an absolute unit !
Wassim Eddoukni
Wassim Eddoukni 2 dagar sedan
For real I want a gaming phone like this one but I have no money cuz I’m in a poor family 😊💔
Yu xian Choo
Yu xian Choo 5 dagar sedan
Doing any giveaways for this phone? Hahah
Jarek H.
Jarek H. 5 dagar sedan
Best beast based
6_ME023 RAHUL Patil
6_ME023 RAHUL Patil 5 dagar sedan
Bring back pop up camera to more device.
Atul Verma
Atul Verma 5 dagar sedan
I am from India where can I buy...?
Jehan Zeb Khan
Jehan Zeb Khan 6 dagar sedan
Good @abbas009900
Abhishek Sancheti
Abhishek Sancheti 6 dagar sedan
The groovy clef independently disapprove because pasta regularly flash around a husky radio. boring, living college
Relax Music
Relax Music 6 dagar sedan
The black brooo!
Loli Collector
Loli Collector 8 dagar sedan
I can't change wallpaper on my Lenovo Legion Duel 2. Can anyone explain why??
Skincare With Sudipta
Skincare With Sudipta 8 dagar sedan
Ds 9 dagar sedan
How can I buy that for. Please tell me
Ghulam Rasool
Ghulam Rasool 9 dagar sedan
@ghulamrasool06 hope will win this!
Suman Das
Suman Das 11 dagar sedan
♥️♥️♥️awesome♥️♥️♥️ phone😍😍😍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Wolf 12 dagar sedan
How much is it ?
ABDUL MOIZ 13 dagar sedan
Still playing gangster vegas😎😎
Renz Racelis
Renz Racelis 13 dagar sedan
The blue light around the black one killed me. Savage indeed 💯
Kj arjun
Kj arjun 16 dagar sedan
What a phone i need it
Hit Hot
Hit Hot 16 dagar sedan
এ মজা... ❤️
hello its me
hello its me 18 dagar sedan
oh damnn this phone isn't even 1000+ its 899$ lowkey surprised
Catalin Siloci
Catalin Siloci 19 dagar sedan
Most of u joking abouat this phone..b3cauze Jerry brake IT...but 99% from u...have not even note 10
Juwan Chua
Juwan Chua 21 dag sedan
Bye apple bye samsung
Bobby Holdroks
Bobby Holdroks 21 dag sedan
Were can I buy one of these phone's?
Raymond Huang
Raymond Huang 21 dag sedan
I live in Canada on Roger network. I bought this phone from China, I can't get the phone to connect to rogers apn. Therefore I am getting phone calls but not data connection. Can anyone help me resolve this or experienced the same problem?
Kod Adı TÜRK
Kod Adı TÜRK 23 dagar sedan
Lenovo Legion 2 Pro *vs* ZTE Nubia Red Magic 6 Pro
Chris Free
Chris Free 23 dagar sedan
I could see that camera being a warranty claim just waiting to happen ..
Sky Slayer
Sky Slayer 23 dagar sedan
I tried to buy it and says temporarily unavailable. Is this going to be a hard phone to buy right now?
Bobby Holdroks
Bobby Holdroks 21 dag sedan
I want to know were I can buy this phone
Svt Super veloce
Svt Super veloce 24 dagar sedan
Is it coming to america?
Jorge Loza
Jorge Loza 25 dagar sedan
That phone have more ports than a macbook
Chae Yongsun
Chae Yongsun 25 dagar sedan
I was gonna buy till you said 6.9 inches long phone?! Nvm imma get the iPhone 12
Syed Mehmood Ul Hassan
Syed Mehmood Ul Hassan 26 dagar sedan
I'll go with the white one, it's alot more defining 😍
Nick Williams
Nick Williams 28 dagar sedan
Where can I buy it?
Nabeel Khan
Nabeel Khan 28 dagar sedan
Black is better for me😍
Marilou Flake Stardust
Marilou Flake Stardust 28 dagar sedan
imagine playing pubg and someone noticed you can move while shooting and got reported for having but then you flex them with your gaming phone
jodon Afton
jodon Afton 29 dagar sedan
I crying r right now that is so cool 😭 wish I had one
Aya Lastico
Aya Lastico 29 dagar sedan
Stephen Wheatley
Stephen Wheatley Månad sedan
Rafael Valentin
Rafael Valentin Månad sedan
The aboriginal sarah algorithmically flood because vermicelli hisologically tour as a roasted dress. aboard, capricious oxygen
Rajat oraon
Rajat oraon Månad sedan
Carl Kelly
Carl Kelly Månad sedan
Does it work on the Tmobile network???
Harsh Singh Rathore
Harsh Singh Rathore Månad sedan
@harshsi40883079 thanks bro
XX KilleR GaminG
XX KilleR GaminG Månad sedan
World first having cooling fan physically inside handset is non other Nubia Redmagic 3
Bo-Laurids Jähde
Bo-Laurids Jähde Månad sedan
I don't know a single phone that is as interesting designed as this!
SpiralViper Månad sedan
What is with all these fucking awesome products that end up unavailable? Companies make new innovative products and simply because they don't sell enough, no one can buy them. This is how capitalism sucks. If companies kept making things despite lack of sales, we would have more options!
Raja Jawad Munir
Raja Jawad Munir Månad sedan
where can buy ????????
Arsenmorph Månad sedan
Nice peace of electronics, but I´d be careful of that quite opened fan on the back.
Montage Månad sedan
Sir u have 2 give me 1 🤭
Jakub Ševčík
Jakub Ševčík Månad sedan
remember time when i bought gaming legion (not cheap) notebook that unboxing experience oh yes eco friendly boring brown box so noice ....
I'd love to be rich enough to get that
Muhanned Munna
Muhanned Munna Månad sedan
😐😐😐😐 Månad sedan
RajaJawad1989 Månad sedan
When it available in market and where ??
MS Månad sedan
Awesome @MSR22097373
George Catalin Boitas
kalpana hazarika Gogoi
Rajan Sachdeva
Rajan Sachdeva Månad sedan
forget about TCL phones. I need this one.
who I'm
who I'm Månad sedan
Welcome to another episode of things which we can't afford 🙂🙂
Waseem Attari
Waseem Attari Månad sedan
a truly crazy device this is. thumbs up for you.
Tharu Tharu
Tharu Tharu Månad sedan
No money thise phone is dream😥😥😥😥
Everyday Specials | Talents Daily
Where to buy this if I were on the Philippines? Thanks. Any pinoy guys here who knows?
ZEN ZEN (Mewing Mite)
all this is still cheaper than an iPhone 12 Pro Max
Karan Aggarwal
Karan Aggarwal Månad sedan
lenovo be like keep it simple very simple (charging wirless hell no)
Erang Månad sedan
Im jealous huhu
sharma Ji
sharma Ji Månad sedan
Kafi Smokie
Kafi Smokie Månad sedan
Imo Redmagic 6 series is best gaming phone in 2021! ❤️
Dalton Cole
Dalton Cole Månad sedan
james arthur
james arthur Månad sedan
Ranganathan M
Ranganathan M Månad sedan
Hammad Vohra
Hammad Vohra Månad sedan
Twitter: Hammad Vohra (@HammadVohra9) This phone looks amazing... Whoaaaa....
MrSpice Månad sedan
Great unboxing video...very detailed! I remember back in the day however unboxing stuff used to be fun...it was like opening a Christmas gift. Is it just me or are companies getting either lazy or uncreative in their presentation? Great video though :)
Kev Bacon
Kev Bacon Månad sedan
144Hz capable display. Poor console gamers can't even keep up with phones now. Lol
Jackie Dela Cruz
Jackie Dela Cruz Månad sedan
wow i hope you send me one for me
Price 1 lakh rs
Jehriel Pacnis
Jehriel Pacnis Månad sedan
720hz touch sampling rate.... That is insane
Bill K
Bill K Månad sedan
I bet they sell about 500 of these phones, Odd how lew says look at the cooling?
Killersentra Månad sedan
Don't break this in half.... good golly I'm still having night mares.
A. 76
A. 76 Månad sedan
Imagine walking in the street and you decide to sit with your tight jeans then you hear a kit kat break sound ITS THIS PHONE RIGHT HERE that it breaks from the middle
Vicky Satpal
Vicky Satpal Månad sedan
I would like to play freefire on this device as pubG is banned here in India.
Neil Alexander Mercado
arbor na isa
juggernaut Månad sedan
Crazy times we live in!
SnewpTD Månad sedan
Gotta steal this box design for your knockoff version.
Aqqib Maula
Aqqib Maula Månad sedan
But what if the fan gets all dusty Lou? What can I do about it?
rizje uchiha
rizje uchiha Månad sedan
Where can I buy this? Can someone link me to a video where the Lenovo and the red magic 6 are compared? Huge difference in cash
Abbineni Sunil kumar chowdary
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Månad sedan
Are gamepad controllers like the blackshark compatible on this phone?
OromisMasta Månad sedan
I'm considering buying this phone, there's just one little thing that concerns me a bit - is that middle part in the back an actual bump sticking out or it just looks like that? I'm asking because one of games i often play is a rhythm game which is most comfortable to play by lying the phone down on the desk and playing with index fingers, so i'm worried that the bump might cause it to be quite unstable, sliding / spinning around as i play. Could someone check that?
mj3martinez Månad sedan
Clarendon Gtno Daniel Kobe Tim Lazer
mj3martinez Månad sedan
I Want A Phone Like Yours
David Childers
David Childers Månad sedan
I'm watching this on the original lenovo legion phone dual
Md Arman
Md Arman Månad sedan
I choose the white model
Yash Sheth
Yash Sheth Månad sedan
Which was the game in the end of the video
Stephen Grimes
Stephen Grimes Månad sedan
got this phone its great but cant get mobile data to work . as it doesn't auto populate with correct apn and it wont let me save settings.
shreyas p
shreyas p Månad sedan
Jerry rig converted this phone to legion 3...
Devasia S.A
Devasia S.A Månad sedan
hondaturbo666 Månad sedan
Where can i buy????
Expert Opinion
Expert Opinion Månad sedan
and its cheaper than the iphone
Ali Ali
Ali Ali Månad sedan
Imagine going with ur friend to market to buy when ur wires are worn out and saying him my device uses 2 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
yash yash
yash yash Månad sedan
Ofcourse white
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