HUGE Mystery Tech Package Unboxing from Anker... 

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Here are some of Anker's latest products including the Nano II and PowerCore 5K for iPhone 12. Sponsored by Anker.
Product Links Below.
Anker Nano II 65W ankerfast.club/3gfAHqN
Anker Nano II 45W ankerfast.club/3iqjyh2
Anker Nano II 30W ankerfast.club/2T9pOii
Anker PowerCore 5k Magnetic ankerfast.club/3pvTHWg
Anker PowerLine III Flow ankerfast.club/3ipF8SP
Anker PowerWave 2-in-1 Stand ankerfast.club/3w4DkT1
Anker PowerExpand 8-in-1 Hub ankerfast.club/3g23WP3
Anker PowerWave 3-in-1 Stand ankerfast.club/3zd26lO

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10 jun 2021



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Steven Maravilla
Steven Maravilla 13 timmar sedan
One of the best unbox session in a long time. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold 21 timme sedan
9:18 "Things are getting larger now", that's what she said. 😝 Gallium Nitride is definitely the future of charging.
Alex ara
Alex ara Dag sedan
Awsome , why not send all the items to me just because ...yea
mcfolly0123 Dag sedan
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Karan Amin
Karan Amin Dag sedan
When is the nano 2 available in the UK
A. R. Salman
A. R. Salman Dag sedan
One of my favourite brand & their products has always been impressive.
Nicholas Borrelli
Filip Krpan
Filip Krpan Dag sedan
Anker is going places.
toxic goldfish
toxic goldfish Dag sedan
Does 65 want charger will work perfect for my OnePlus
jose justine hernane
Mr Sir
Mr Sir Dag sedan
anker headphone are bombproof. they were shotty for a few years before they went full waterproof and rubber coated, but the last few years have been solid solid solid. long battery life and great sound.
Spencer O
Spencer O Dag sedan
Magnetic power bank goes hardddd boi!~ i need that ish!
BlAcK KiNG Dag sedan
A FlyingBenCh
A FlyingBenCh 2 dagar sedan
Great stuff. Maybe someday Apple will grow up and and join the cable club, instead of hanging out with the Beanie Babies
Rob MacWilliams
Rob MacWilliams 2 dagar sedan
@Rob_at_Shop 😁
C G 2 dagar sedan
Anker is not good. They don't last much past the warranty . To say the company does not care is an understatement.
Mr_Lolled 2 dagar sedan
we cannot buy the anker power adapter in netherland ffs :(
Daida Yuie
Daida Yuie 2 dagar sedan
Prod ofwar69
Prod ofwar69 2 dagar sedan
Just recently got the s21 ultra and been looking for the lu case but it's not available in China 😢.
Ezequiel Pereyra
Ezequiel Pereyra 2 dagar sedan
how the f do you handle reverb or echo o,o
Macho Man
Macho Man 2 dagar sedan
That new 50W tiny power brick by Xiaomi definitely tops all of these!
Elere Oodo
Elere Oodo 2 dagar sedan
Amazing new gadgets from Anker. But honestly sad to say, it's a messy showcase of the products.
Treyzilla 2 dagar sedan
Cherry Bharath
Cherry Bharath 2 dagar sedan
My goodness gracious luv fam @cherrysidharth
Joshim Uddin
Joshim Uddin 2 dagar sedan
Nice design and great @dead_shot_01
Shahzad Shahzad
Shahzad Shahzad 2 dagar sedan
charging watt is too low :(
LatiosEX 2 dagar sedan
12:26 That was _smooth_ _as_ buddy
Dhruv Bhat
Dhruv Bhat 2 dagar sedan
Mo 2 dagar sedan
Love it Twitter~ @MohiniCool
Anaconda Gaming YT
Anaconda Gaming YT 2 dagar sedan
twitter handle : @Anaconda_00
Ilyas2018 JSK
Ilyas2018 JSK 3 dagar sedan
I phone stele bad it will take forever to charge just face it
First Last
First Last 3 dagar sedan
Love the Nano! Looking forward to replace my clunky laptop charger.
Sora Raven
Sora Raven 3 dagar sedan
Lew telling about the old days when you have to hold the charger T_T i feel old ... dammit T_T i think thats perfect power 8 in 1, ethernet, ports and hdmi.
Ervin Bulante
Ervin Bulante 3 dagar sedan
Omg! Do a Sony WF1000XM4 Unboxing and Review! :)
Adven Official
Adven Official 3 dagar sedan
why your hand is injured?
waseem joosub
waseem joosub 3 dagar sedan
Maker products are brilliant. Love their designs and functionality. A definite winner. @waseemjoosub (Twitter)
Andrius Stankevicius
Andrius Stankevicius 3 dagar sedan
Anker is a piece of s h i t , charger burned-out after 6 months if using :)
Jacob Fanzini
Jacob Fanzini 3 dagar sedan
I have to admit, that stand is sleek af
Frank Olivio
Frank Olivio 3 dagar sedan
um, the iphone doesn't have a type-c port...
ankur saini
ankur saini 3 dagar sedan
Amazing products by Anker .. 65W adapter is super awesome and it is so tiny that it can be keep in pocket easily. @ankur23saini
Pancho Manssur
Pancho Manssur 3 dagar sedan
How in the hell we circled back to infomercials with Lew...
Rajesh Jangir
Rajesh Jangir 3 dagar sedan
I like the Powercore Magnetic 5K🔥
Jonathan Catchpole
Jonathan Catchpole 3 dagar sedan
Why do I always feel like Lew is trying to sell me something now!
Smarty Gupta
Smarty Gupta 3 dagar sedan
Nice one man!!!!❤️
Mohammed Azam Haroon
Mohammed Azam Haroon 3 dagar sedan
Anker is the best. They are the market leaders
ThriftybyNature 3 dagar sedan
Melwin Mammen
Melwin Mammen 3 dagar sedan
Please review the Sony WF-1000-XM4
Brandon Takahashi
Brandon Takahashi 3 dagar sedan
65 watt charger confirmed to work with thinkpad nano?
Amal Subair
Amal Subair 4 dagar sedan
Love your videos keep growing @UnboxTherapy Twitter: @AmalSubair
Alberto Muniz
Alberto Muniz 4 dagar sedan
mouloud boukhalfa
mouloud boukhalfa 4 dagar sedan
I think Anker is on the way of becoming the Tesla of the mobile accessories industry. Affordable, available, and reliable! What more can you ask for! Great video Lew✌🏻
Akula Venu
Akula Venu 4 dagar sedan
@unboxtherapy is packaging have any issue with sharp edges. You have blood in hand @3.50minutes of this video
Mr. Godabhi
Mr. Godabhi 4 dagar sedan
That MagSafe power bank is fire….
Mister Doctor
Mister Doctor 4 dagar sedan
Why don’t you send some of those TIMBITS this direction? Screw the anker products I saw TIM HORTONS!
Kartik 4 dagar sedan
does the Hdmi port in the port hub allow 5.1 sound pass through?
Kamrul Hasan
Kamrul Hasan 4 dagar sedan
@Kamrul_hssan_ Anker is doing nicce
Marco M.
Marco M. 4 dagar sedan
Epic ANKER is Epic! Does 30w charger have Power Delivery 3.0 PPS?
jab2d3dCGmfg 4 dagar sedan
How can you only pack one to take with you? What if more than one of your devices needs charging?
abdou bou
abdou bou 4 dagar sedan
Anker is taking to another level
Dr. Karan Gautam
Dr. Karan Gautam 4 dagar sedan
Praveen Kumar Kushwah
Praveen Kumar Kushwah 4 dagar sedan
Well done by Anker I am very impressed with anker products❤❤❤ @Praveen51825699
Leonid Penev
Leonid Penev 4 dagar sedan
Am i the only one that's waiting for him to do a new studio tour od this bat cave?
RAJATH RAIKAR 4 dagar sedan
Cool stuff
suman gorkhali
suman gorkhali 4 dagar sedan
No.1 is 65 watt nano charger No.2 is usb c to data hub
Clemente 4 dagar sedan
Anker are always ahead of the game. I agreed with your choices too. 🔥🔥🔥
laishram sanyal
laishram sanyal 4 dagar sedan
And I kept wondering ‘What happen to your hand ?’ 🤣
Joaquim Menezes
Joaquim Menezes 4 dagar sedan
Could u use a black mat for your desk..?
Santhanagobal Varun
Santhanagobal Varun 4 dagar sedan
I like that nono charger
Tony Sagapolutele
Tony Sagapolutele 5 dagar sedan
Anker products is probably the future and stock goldmine i bet
Jure Gr
Jure Gr 5 dagar sedan
Power bricks are quite amazing 😁
Kamal Raj
Kamal Raj 5 dagar sedan
It amazing 🥳🥳🥳
Rakshit Sah
Rakshit Sah 5 dagar sedan
Interesting 😁
GE FEEDBACK ge 5 dagar sedan
The obedient boot fifthly sneeze because professor conventionally employ per a black-and-white armchair. tremendous, chunky carrot
CHIRAN GAMING 5 dagar sedan
Ryan Rigney
Ryan Rigney 5 dagar sedan
I have an Anker dual USB port fast charging 24W brick and an Anker fast charging cable and I love it
lucas santoro
lucas santoro 5 dagar sedan
Are these worse for your phone battery because of the higher wattage?
Killadelphia 5 dagar sedan
Is it just me or did anyone else think he should have tried powering the iPhone with the chord & then sitting it on the wireless part of the Anker product?
vakbrain 5 dagar sedan
is the limited edition Later case really brown like it is in the video? it looks almost red on the website. or is it another upcoming "limited" case?
tom tommy
tom tommy 5 dagar sedan
anker makes really nice products
backbeat3 5 dagar sedan
The charge stand was my favorite until I saw that it doesn’t provide the full 15w
Saad Saud
Saad Saud 5 dagar sedan
Oğuzhan Şimşek
Oğuzhan Şimşek 5 dagar sedan
@ogzhncreep I want one!!
Oscar HC
Oscar HC 5 dagar sedan
عبد القادر ليما
Anker having oppo charging technology
The Sandlands
The Sandlands 5 dagar sedan
9:18 that's what she said
Neil 5 dagar sedan
the powercore 5k magnetic looks hell a awesome!
Mohammad Nasser
Mohammad Nasser 5 dagar sedan
Me waiting for the big box to be 1280 watt charger
Brian Davids
Brian Davids 5 dagar sedan
I love Anker. Great products. The 65 watt would be what I want. I already own the smaller charger from them.
ABHISHEK SOKHAL 5 dagar sedan
Bad Captain
Bad Captain 5 dagar sedan
I would love to get it @SouravS82630631
Roshi 5 dagar sedan
I own an anker powerbank and dual adapter, and they are still a beast after 4 years👌
TurboGOLF 5 dagar sedan
I have the nano first gen. Its even enough for my macbook to work. Great device.
pankaj kumar
pankaj kumar 5 dagar sedan
Manan gandhi
Manan gandhi 5 dagar sedan
Anker should launch in India too
Taleb Al
Taleb Al 5 dagar sedan
The tiny charger definitely
GamingSandbox54 5 dagar sedan
I think all of them are cool and each will find it's purpose for someone. But what I wanna see is a macbook powerbank, you know like more affordable than apple currently sells.
James Ralston
James Ralston 5 dagar sedan
The two products that stand out for me are the charging bricks, but also the power bank
Stacceye Stallard
Stacceye Stallard 5 dagar sedan
I think it's a great product.
Yosuf 5 dagar sedan
Remember when lew used to be funny *ahhh* times have changed
Matin Salehi
Matin Salehi 5 dagar sedan
Anker is apple of accessories but not that much in love with money
STOP Buying this Tech Scam.
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